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Claudia’s gourmet treats are made with all-natural, high quality ingredients at our bakery in Maumelle, Arkansas and are specially styled to be attractive to both pets and owners, increasing impulse traffic to your store.

A wide variety of products

We have specially designed treats for birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, and everything in between. Owners will find themselves compelled to purchase treats that allow their dogs to get in on the fun, and you’ll be compelled to keep Claudia’s on the shelf. No matter the occasion, Claudia’s is your top choice for both pet and owner satisfaction.

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A story behind each product.

We’re always looking to treat our dogs. Sometimes it’s a critical part of the “training” process, sometimes it’s to recognize a special occasion or holiday but, most often, it’s just to thank them for the joy that they deliver to our families on a daily basis! Having fully embraced this philosophy, Claudia’s Canine Bakery has developed special treats for the times when pet owners want to remind their dogs that they matter. Our specially crafted artisanal treats excite both owners and pets alike, and will quickly become an expected part of a healthy, daily routine that will continuously drive consumers back to your store.

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